MCA Filings

Full service XBRL

DataTracks can convert your financial statements (provided in any format) into XBRL format for filing with MCA.

Your inputs can be in any format including Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word or PDF.

DataTracks would convert your inputs into XBRL instance documents by associating every data item in your input document with an element in the accounting taxonomy acceptable to MCA and send you back:

  1. XBRL instance documents (for filing with MCA)
  2. XBRL instance documents in Microsoft Word format for easy reading and understanding of taxonomy labels used
  3. A Spreadsheet containing key tagging decisions (i.e. accounting taxonomy labels used for line items in your financial statement) for review and concurrence by you and your accountants.

The XBRL instance documents provided by us are tested with MCA”s validation tool to ensure they are acceptable to MCA when you file them with MCA.

Should you or your accountants desire any change in the tags (of taxonomy elements) for any line item in your financial statement, we would be happy to incorporate the changes (any number of times) at no extra cost. We would stay with you all the way until your filing with MCA is complete.

How much does it cost:

Our price depends on the following:

Actual number of pages

Our prices are fixed and based on the number of entities.

Turnaround time Our standard charges apply if you provide us 10 working days or more turnaround time. For shorter turnaround times additional charges apply.
Peak period If inputs are provided during peak period (closer to filing deadlines) extra charges apply.
Volume discounts Discounts are available for orders involving more number of entities

What can I do to minimize the price charged by DataTracks:

  • Provide your inputs quite early. Give maximum turnaround time possible for outputs to be returned.
  • Avoid delivery deadlines that fall during peak periods.